19 Medals Won at State UIL Contest

posted Jun 20, 2011, 7:33 PM by Martin Filip
Over the weekend 48 students from the band and choir competed in the Texas
State UIL Solo & Ensemble Contest in Pflugerville, TX. These students had to
meet a strict set of criteria at the region level earlier in the year in order to be
qualified to compete in this contest.

In total, Ford High School brought home 25 State UIL Medals.

Band Ensemble – Superior Rating – Gold Medal
• Members are – Morgan Smith, Kevin Curb, Sam Gradinaru, Michael
Miller, Charlie Stanley, Anthony Chapman, Jamie Edmisten, JJ Kizer,
Hunter Pritchett, Bunnarack Kuch, Roger Wade, Lindsey Acker, Danielle
Thompson, Taylor Mize, Roman Reeves, Kristen Rozoto

Band Soloists – Superior Rating – Gold Medal
• David Gradinaru – Euphonium & Bunnarack Kuch – Euphonium

Band Soloist – Excellent Rating – Silver Medal
• Heather Moore – Clarinet

Band Ensembles – Excellent Rating
• Flute Quartet Members – Hannah Loftin, Shannon Sutton, Anna Kerr,
Jasmine Cavazos
• Clarinet Choir Members – Christen Langley, Jordan Graham, Nicole
Stacey, Abbey Ferrell, Adrian Echeverria, Justina Williams, Heather
Moore, Jessica Jones, Sharlyn Martinez
• Sax Quartet Members – Steven Stewart, Brittany Sutton, Devin Lewis,
Evan Wolfe

Choir Ensemble - Excellent rating
• Members are - Jon Alaniz, Roland Wortman, Ethan Selzer, James Blythe,
Lisa Little, Miranda Adams, Sara Elledge and Kara Honse.

Choir Soloists – Excellent Rating – Silver Medal
• Jon Alaniz, Chris Howell, Kelsey Bamburg and Sara Elledge

Choir Soloists – Superior Rating – Gold Medal
• Ethan Selzer and James Melton

Congratulations to all of these students for a job well done. Your directors are
very proud of you.