The Band Boosters invite all parents to join the
Quinlan Band Booster Association.

To put it simply, we are parents who work together to give the band students and their directors the support they need for success. The Boosters are here to support the FHS & TMS band students. We look forward to seeing your child grow and succeed as a musician in Quinlan's award winning band program.

Quinlan Band Boosters is a non-profit 501(c)(3) group with three main goals:

1.    To financially assist the band program in meeting its operational needs and educational goals.

2.    To support the band program by being in attendance at all performance events.

3.    To foster a greater awareness and appreciation for music and arts in the public school system.

The Band Boosters are an integral part of the band program.  The Boosters elect officers to comprise an executive board to carry out the decisions made by the Booster membership in accordance with the bylaws.  Major actions of the Boosters are decided by a majority vote of Booster members present at the meeting, as long as a quorum exists.  The Boosters act in close cooperation with the band director.

Who we are: 
We are mainly made up of parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles of students that make up the Quinlan Bands (High School and Middle School).  However, anyone that wants to join can be a booster.  The Boosters understand that each parent’s degree of commitment to the Boosters and the band program depends on the amount of time each parent has to offer.  Anyone willing can assist the band program and the Boosters in many ways.
What we do: 
Our primary purpose is to help and/or serve the Quinlan Bands.  We help by raising funds, going to performances, providing scholarships, hosting the Band Banquet, providing food/snacks and water at performances, and at times providing some assistance on trips.
What we need: 
We need you!  Plain and simple.  We need people that are willing to get in there and help support the Bands.  This support comes from helping: with fundraisers, working in the concession stand at games, attending performances, working Spirit nights at designated businesses, and by doing whatever will make the band more successful. 
When do we meet: 
We typically meet the last Monday of every month. Meetings during the summer are held to prepare for the upcoming school year.  Our meetings start at 7 pm and typically last for thirty minutes to an hour.
Where do we meet: 
We currently meet in the Ford High School. 
How do I get involved: 
You can fill out a membership application to join the Boosters or just show up at a meeting and fill out membership application.
Join Our Social Media Sites. You can find us on Facebook and Instagram by searching for Quinlan Band Boosters.
We hope this provides insight into who we are and what we do.  See you at the next meeting!
Officers for the 2021-22 School Year
President                                                   Bobby Jones                (903) 458-4194   
Vice President                                           
Secretary                                                   Kodee Jones               (903)-274-1316
Treasurer                                                   Ashley Shaddox          (903) 269-7716
Communications & Social Coordinator           
Middle School Liaison                                
Contact Information         

Quinlan Band Boosters
P.O. Box 2502
Quinlan, Texas 75474